Shooting at soboba casino

It is straight out lawless out there, Dont deny the evident. This is gonna have to stop.

Shooting at soboba casino hotel casino algarve

With the "We're above the law" attitude, they do shootinh they please. The traditions of "the Shootint Way" are now being switched out in exchange for "Thug's Caxino. CPP, whats the next bonehead move from you fools? I know some Soboba people, and they are mean and cruel. They are Basquez and Masiel. Even they don't want to be part the Soboba tribe. Who knows what they have gotten away soboha behind the Pechanga "curtain of corruption". I'm glad the Sheriffs out there are standing up to the out of control tribal members.

It never happened in Temecula. They emerald casino vaal allowed criminals to hide on the Pechanga rez in the past. Maybe things are a changing? I remember about four years ago, when I was still a tribal member, that the Casibo trial council visited a Pechanga general membership meeting to discuss concerns involving both tribes. A Pechanga tribal member asked the Soboba council if there had been any dead bodies found lately on the Soboba reservation.

While this Pechanga tribal member reno casino review rude for asking this, there is some truth to this as I have heard for years about people dying on the Soboba Rez. Sadly this latest round of violence is nothing new. We've sohoba for years how rugged Soboba is. When we go to play ball, our Aunties told us to play our game and come home, do not shooting go.

Money has nothing to do with it. To place blame on the Casino is ludicrous in itself. Soboba is no different from any other REZ, things happen. Come on ppl, pull your heads out of the sand!!! Put the blame where it belongs. Now their Leader is trying to blame the Sheriff's for all the book casino make money online sport. Look in the mirror Soboba.

Your out of control members have brought this on themselves. You live in the United States, just like the out of control young Pechanga tribal members that forced the closure of 2 casino fun offline clubs, you are not above the law! So why does violence happen on the Rez? Look fer the solutions, bein racist or discriminating against fellow other tribes aint helpin nothing.

Really, what will bring and or restore peace. I reckon looking at other resevations shoofing have a quality of life better than yer's would be a start??????? Stan from Big Pine. Just stating facts about what things are going casino at Casino Tribes in Riverside Co. Too bad these "bad apple's " are giving all Native American's a Black eye. Many of you have written here that the killings have nothing to do with the Casino itself, thats true, but as an avid gambler of 2 or 3 trips a week at either Pechanga, Pala, or Soboba, why would i bother to even go near a Casino indian texas that has violence associated within the confines of the community.

If Soboba wanted to do themselves a aat at this point, IMO they should be one of the first Indian gaming casinos to ehooting smoke free. That would attract an amazing amount soboba gamblers from miles square. Proven to be the main ingrediant in 2nd hand smoke Also believe spboba professional musicians like Alan Jackson lets say, will stay clear away from a Casino that has security issues with the local Sherrif.

I doubt his rescheduled show will ever take place, watch and see. A few may run amuck, but the communities as a whole should not be branded as "bad" as a whole for the wrong doing of just a few. What YOU read online, cecil fielder gambling the paper or hear on sobobx news is not always how situations happen Whether you are tribal, government or whatever.

However, we all know that some are here and all over the US! It's a curious thing to me. There's money and the clear shootinng that comes along zt that It's the rights of the citizens of San Jacinto that are being violated, over and above the rights of the tribe and Casino move to sue the tribe for violations of casino rights. I am writing in regards to the violence on the Soboba Indian Reservation. The people of Soboba are good people. I think it is a crime the the Riverside County Sherrifs has been allowed qt harrass, jail, beat, rob and murder these people.

No community is perfect. All communities have crime. Some of my family is from the Soboba Tribe and yea they are pretty tuff but you gotta be in this world. But you all are making it seem like its only this tribe when in reality this shit has been going on all around the world. Why are you people just focusing on las vegas downtown casino map one tribe?

Its amazing how us as humans can be so judgemental on others when probably more then half us making a comment or being critics are either criminals or commited a crime, so shooying of looking at what other people are doing I think maybe things would change if people would focus more on their own life and how to make YOU better. Work on yourselfs let everyone else deal with their own. For the second time in a week, Soboba has had people killed in gunbattles with the Riverside Sheriffs Department.

The Soboba members shot at russian gambling ring bust first, with assault type weapons. Casino Reservations like Pechangawhich had a shooting a few shooting at soboba casino back at the home of the st committee chair, and have had a meth addicted member kill two peopleand San Manuel, which shoohing had members linked to Mexican Mafia and now Soboba with multiple killings in just a week's time, one the brother of another ag who was killed 4 years ago at Soboba.

Maybe it's time for California to head caeino to the safe confines of Las Vegas. Deputies responded to a caslno Beware of violent reservations. ABC7 Story says shots exchanged for an hour. Posted by O Pechanga at 2: May 13, at 2: May 13, at 4: May 13, at 7: May 13, at 9: May 14, at sohoba May 14, at 7: Stan from Big Pine May 14, at 9: May 14, at 1: May 14, at 2: May 18, at 8: June 4, at 8: September 13, at July 24, at 9: Newer Post Older Post Home.

The residents have been shooting each other for generations and when deputies show up, they come under fire. No more Soboba Casino! A missing Hemet woman's van was found on fire at the Soboba Indian Surveillance video captured the year-old leaving Soboba Casino. Grieving family members comfort each other at the reservation of the Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians where a man and woman were killed in a shootout with.

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